“Welcome to the circle of the Best”



Each year successful entrepreneurs and their companies are awarded for outstanding performance in a highly regarded competition. An independent jury assesses the company’s development as well as entrepreneurial skills and innovative power of the candidates.
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Of the many companies that participated in the competition for this much desired award, mageba not only met the demanding criteria for nomination to the final round of the 43 best Swiss companies but even reached the group of the top four finalists of its category “High-Tech/ Industry.

Reaching the finalists group is a special honor for the entire mageba. Therefore, Thomas Spuler emphasized that regarding mageba, the competition’s name "Entrepreneur of the Year" more appropriately should be "Enterprise of the Year", as achieving the finalist’s group has been possible thanks to an excellent team of management and employees. Furthermore, Thomas Spuler especially thanked his business partner Gianni Moor for his important contribution to the overall success of mageba.