Donation to "Kinderspitex Ostschweiz"



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mageba regularly supports selected charitable organisations and projects with significant donations. In recent years, these included, for example, the Light-House in Zurich, and the Pigna Foundation which offers supported living and working opportunities to people with disabilities.

To mark the company’s 50th anniversary, mageba is making special donations totalling CHF 50,000 to a number of selected organisations that support charitable causes. One of these is "Kinderspitex Ostschweiz", which, in cooperation with the company Spitex Mobile, makes specially equipped vehicles available to the families of disabled children, free of charge.

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A wheelchair requires a lot of space in a normal family car, meaning that sometimes there is not enough room for the whole family as well. "Kinderspitex" operates specially modified wheelchair-friendly minibuses, which offer the children and their families a normal degree of mobility. The vehicles can be used for short trips, longer excursions or even the whole summer holidays.

Together with other companies, mageba makes possible the purchase and maintenance of one of the vehicles. In recognition of this support, the logos of the supporting companies are displayed on the vehicle.

mageba is very happy to be able to help improve the mobility of the children and their families in this way, and thus to contribute to their quality of life.

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