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Деформационные швы
Cantilever finger joint TENSA-FINGER RSFD
Carriageway Strengthening ROBO-STATIFLEX
Fingerfuge TENSA-KOMBI
Mat joints TENSA-MAT RM
Single gap joint TENSA-GRIP RS
Sliding finger joint TENSA-FINGER GF
Принцип действия ROBO-DUR
Принцип действия ROBO-GRIP
Принцип действия SERVI-Inspect
Деформационные швы
Flexible plug joints POLYFLEX-SLIM PU
Mobile structural analysis tool ROBO-CONTROL Portable
Project references – Monitoring systems
Remote monitoring system ROBO-CONTROL Permanent
Self-evaluating bridge components
Опорные части
Опорные части
Führungslager Festhaltekonstruktionen RW
High damping rubber bearings LASTO-HDRB
Horizontal force bearinge RESTON-Force
Roller bearing RESTON-ROLL
Amortiguadores de resorte de disc RESTON-SDD
High damping rubber bearings LASTO-HDRB
Mechanisches Fuse Element
Preloaded spring dampers RESTON-PSD
Shock transmission units RESTON-STU
Принцип действия SERVI-Inspect
Общая информация
Project references – North and South America
Project references – Roof structures
Project references – Seismic protection systems
Seismic protection for bridge and building structures