Products and services to satisfy the most exacting demands

Customer satisfaction thanks to highest quality

mageba guarantees the highest quality in all of its products and services. Important pre-requisites for this are a well-qualified team of employees, the use of high-quality materials and the constant inspections carried out under a rigorous quality management system.

Economical, high-quality products and ongoing investment in research and development have contributed significantly to the company’s successful growth.

Leading in quality assurance and certification

mageba‘s quality management system (in accordance with ISO 9001) was certified in 1991 as the first in its industry. This certificate applies to the whole Group and includes all activities related to the design, production and assembly of mageba products. In this way, mageba has for many years met the stringent requirements of European and international quality standards. The fulfilment of duties relating to all stages in the provision of our products and services, from submission of quotations through inspection of materials and right up to manufacturing and supervision of installation, is guaranteed by the company’s certification in accordance with EN 1090.
mageba’s welding operations are also certified in accordance with ISO 3834-2.

In addition to in-house quality assurance processes, mageba products also undergo numerous tests at independent external bodies such as the Swiss Materials Testing Institute (EMPA), the Universities of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe in Germany and the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

Furthermore, all mageba factories are subjected to remote monitoring, and inspection several times per year, by independent testing institutes such as the Materials Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart (MPA Stuttgart).



Strict quality control at all stages of production



Quality control during installation of bearing



Testing of a bearing at EUCENTRE

mageba testing rig

bearing test rig

mageba’s bridge bearing test rig, capable of testing at loads of up to 100,000 kN